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Preparation and binding of appeal records.

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Appeal Document Services provide a meticulous and professional service in the preparation of appeal records.

Our experienced team is dedicated to preparing appeal records of the highest standard countrywide. We understand that preparing an appeal record can be a daunting task but we will assist and guide you, step by step, through the process. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our meticulous attention to detail. Continue below to view our process.

Our Promise

Our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional service tailored to your specific Appeal Record needs.


Client Testimonials

"I would like to comment on Record which was presented to us. All too often, Appeal Judges have to struggle with badly presented records in which copies of documents are indistinct if not illegible. It was accordingly a pleasure to deal with this Record which commences with an exemplary index of its contents and maintains this exemplary standard right to its last page. The person who prepared this record should be highly commended."

Hurt J, McLaren J & Booysen J

“The Records prepared by this firm countrywide are of an extremely high standard and so meet with all the Court’s requirements. We may mention that the Asst Registrar and staff share our view.”

Mr Roberts, Webbers